About Us

We are a team of social media experts and web designers who specialize in creating high quality websites for influencers.

Leverage your social media traffic to earn money from your fans!

It is very well known that social media helps you reach fans like never before, but many influencers forget that there is a way to leverage that traffic to earn more money! This is where we come in. We can create a stylish website for you where your fans can come to see more of your work on a weekly basis for a price. Your site would contain a private members area that is accessible only after your membership fee is paid. This can translate into thousands of dollars each week based on how often you update and, of course, on the quality of your updates. Remember, your fans just can’t get enough of you so the more updates you provide, the more they are inclined to remain a paying member for many months. The best part is, we handle everything! There are no hidden fees or out of pocket expenses. We create the site, manage the site, and even drive our own traffic to it so you can reach new and untapped sources! On top of all that, you get to keep 70% of your earnings! We only keep a small portion of the proceeds to operate the server and to pay our team, the rest is yours!

“But I already make so much money on instagram and twitter. Why do I need you?”

This is a great question and the answer is simple. You spend so much time taking pics and videos, many of which are free and never earn much. Why not apply this work to actually start earning instantly? Each new photo set and video becomes valuable on your own website. Don’t waste them by posting them for free! Upload your photosets to your website instead and your fans WILL pay to see more!

“What other benefits are there?”

We are certain that you have heard of at least 5 people that have lost their social media accounts overnight and lost their fanbase at the snap of a finger. With everchanging social media community guidelines, it is nearly impossible to keep an account running long term. Your own website means your own rules! You keep it open for as long as YOU want. You make money from it for as long as you want to keep it open. You have the power! You have worked so hard on gaining your fanbase. Use that to your advantage. Leverage it. Earn from it. Utilize all the sources of income you can acquire! We can’t stress the importance of having your own website to compliment your social media presence. It is something that many influencers overlook these days. Your fans will always know where to find you even if your instagram account gets shut down. Don’t let your hard work go to waste!

“How much does it cost?”

The answer is $00000! We will have you up and running in about 2 weeks from the time of our agreement. There is no contract and you are not obligated to anything. You keep 70% of your website earnings! We send a check each week!

“Sounds great! How do I begin?”

Simple. Send us an email with links to your social media accounts. We will review the accounts and let you know if any changes need to be made to your uploads. We will reply back when the work begins to request about 20 images (high rez) for the design of the site. Once the website is up and functional we will provide you access to upload content to the private member area. If you can not upload content to the site for any reason, you can always email the sets over and we will do the rest.

“When do I get paid and how much can I earn?”

The most important question of all. There is an initial 2 week delay in processing payments. Every week after that, you will be paid for the previous week of earnings. We send you a check or send funds via paypal. Earnings are very much based on what you provide to your site. The fuel. You can charge each new member a chosen fee (we recommend 32.99 as the price). If you can update quality content to the website, meaning photos, or videos, or both, your fans will reward your efforts twofold. So, let’s say you can get 1,000 people to sign up at $32.99. That means your site would be already generating $32,990 per month in earnings! Let’s say you can get just 10,000 out of your many fans to sign up….  Enough said? These earnings are monthly and RECURRING, which means each month you can add new members to your existing ones, making your earnings explode! So why are you relying just on earnings from an unstable social media account that can disappear at the whim of the social media companies when you can be earning cash from your own website that YOU control.

“How often should I update the site and with what?”

Your fans are eager to see more of you. Instagram limits fans to seeing a single image from what could possibly be a full set of photos of you in various scenarios. The idea here is they just want to see more and they WILL pay your for it. Let’s say, for example, you uploaded a photo to your social media account wearing a specific outfit that you chose. You can still do that, but why not take 30 or more pics of that outfit and make those images only available to your paying members? Get the concept? Continue doing what you love and already do, but make your fans pay to see more. Model different outfits. Use different locations and backgrounds. Dance, make skits, or simply talk to your fans on video. Do whatever you do best! We recommend that you update your site 2x a week with new content. If you can do more….even better! Each photo set should contain at least 30 – 100 images. Again, the more the better! Pose in various positions to keep sets interesting. We also recommend that you upload at least 1 video each week. If you use your phone to shoot, keep the phone shooting widescreen! Believe it or not, people HATE when you shoot videos in portrait mode! You can do a video of you modeling an outfit or doing something fun. If you need ideas, let us know!

The more you put in, the more you get out. You fans don’t want to see those low quality, compressed, social media videos. They would much rather prefer to see you in full HD quality on your own site. Use your social media accounts as free advertisement, but earn big from your own website!